• Additive Manufacturing

    Additive Manufacturing

    The current ubiquitous buzzword these days is “additive manufacturing” or “3D printing.” Additive manufacturing is a disruptive technology. Your current processes and policies probably won’t apply to how to do business with customers that want this new expedient procedure. Just purchasing a 3D printer isn’t all you need to do. You must employ a digital footprint in everything you do.

  • Advanced Manufacturing

    Advanced Manufacturing

    How smart is your manufacturing floor? Are your tools connected? If not, you are losing out on efficiency and a rich set of data that others can use. Advanced manufacturing enables any size company to do much more than their size would suggest. Learn how to use your software tools effectively for manufacturing.

  • Enterprise Architecture Software

    Enterprise Architecture

    Don’t you wish that all of your software tools could talk to each other? They can if you purchase them all from the same supplier. However, in most cases you will have various software tools from suppliers that have expertise in different solutions so you will need an architecture plan. Standalone systems create silos in your business. Learn how to work within a digital thread.

  • Configuration Managment

    Configuration Management

    Don’t you wish everything was done perfectly the first time? Configuration management is a key component of a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool that can help with version control. You must insist that everyone is working on the most recent version of your product. This goes for your supply chain as well. Learn how to integrate your PLM tool into your digital tapestry.

  • Product Development

    Product Development

    These days most product designers use a CAD tool. It doesn’t really matter which one as long as the 3D model can be consumed by other systems. Annotated models are the best way to go but how many annotations is enough? How can you validate a design before a prototype is built? Digitally validating a model before the prototype stage can save time and cost.

  • Supply Chain Managment

    Supply Chain

    Even most large companies don’t do everything by themselves. Usually they are a systems integrator and utilize a lengthy supply chain to manufacture everything from engines to nuts and bolts. Some of these suppliers sell commodities and others will need 3D annotated models for better accuracy in quoting and manufacturing.

  • Project Management

    Project Management

    MBD360 LLC can help manage your project whether small or large. Let us help you assess the situation and develop a unique road map to bring your company into the digital age. We have lots of industry experience as well as a proven track record working with the government. We have the extra skills you will need when you are ready to tackle new technology.

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3D Model-Based Product Definition (3D MBD), 3D Model-Based Enterprise (3D MBE), 3D Model-Based Business Process Training & Consulting

MBD360 LLC is a small business with unique solutions!  Moving your company into a connected efficient enterprise utilizing processes and software at their fullest potential to achieve a seamless environment is our goal.  Our solutions are provided by subject matter experts in the fields of enterprise architecture, model based enterprise, manufacturing systems and supply chain management.  We start with an assessment of the current situation – what processes and tools are being used and what policies are in place.  We listen to the issues including what works and what doesn’t.  Ultimately, we provide analysis and recommendations on how to implement your vision of where you want your company to be in the future.  The solution can include how to solve issues with efficiency, redundancy, accuracy, validation, and coordination in an effort to prepare your enterprise for increased success in the future.  We can provide solutions for how to become a better member of the larger supply chain and how to communicate more effectively with your unique supply chain.

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Digital Enterprise

MBE Digital Enterprise

At the core of MBE is the product definition which we refer to as the Model Based Definition (MBD).

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MBD Capabilities

We help companies identify their current status and ways to help them define where they want and need to be.

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Training Offerings

Training Offerings

Learn about the different training programs and events to help you through your MBD Journey..

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MBE Assessments

To know what an organization needs to do to implement MBE concepts it must first understand where it is on the spectrum. 

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What are some of the common problems that we have seen?  They start with product definition and continue throughout engineering, configuration management, manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, and sustainment.  One new issue where we see challenges is additive manufacturing.  You can’t use a 3D printer without a 3D model.  This means an enterprise will need to convert from conventional 2D drawings to the use of 3D models.  This change brings with it the need to determine what CAD system to use, how to train CAD designers, policy on product annotations, model checks, version management and data storage.  There is also current debate on material structure and resilience due to the nature of the materials used for 3D printing. Overall, how do you incorporate additive manufacturing into your current suite of offerings?  Do you use 2D drawings and 3D models in parallel or do you phase out the old style of drawings?  Should you convert legacy systems into 3D models or just go forward with new designs?  What if other suppliers in your supply chain aren’t accustomed to using 3D models or what if they say they need to re-create them because they can’t validate the accuracy of yours?

The issues and questions outlined above are some of the concerns that we have heard from our customers.  Usually it is very difficult to solve these issues on you own without turning to a subject matter expert for help.  What is the standard for technical data packages?  Roy Whittenburg, owner and co-founder of MBD360 is a leader in the area of technical standards: ASME Y14.41, ASME Y14.47, MIL-STD-31000A, etc. Model based enterprise (MBE) is a new sought after area of expertise.

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