Moving to an Optimized 3D Model-Based Workflow

The move away from 2D drawings will be the biggest change in manufacturing industry in our careers – bigger than the move to CAD.  Any organization that wants to realize the full benefits of a 3D workflow must be ready to invest time and effort.  Many companies have started partway down this path already, but most haven’t thought it through or have implemented informal processes that add risk to their success.  Successful implementation of a 3D workflow requires careful analysis, planning, training and implementation.

We have been doing a lot of R&D, consulting, and training in these areas.  We’ve been working with OEMs, government agencies, international industrial consortia, software developers, 6-7 standardization bodies, with focus on business processes, datasets, software tools, methodologies, best practices, data formats, data structure, communication, culture change, and many other aspects.  We can help.  We are partnered with some of the leading firms working in this space.